Warm Hearts & Homes Charity Project (WH&H) was organized to assist families transitioning into permanent housing from an emergency shelter by helping them get a jump-start on building their new home. Often times, families end up in emergency shelters as a result of abuse, economic hardships, health burdens or natural devastations. Whatever the cause may be, every family deserves a home.

WH&H supports nonprofit organizations that provide permanent housing for displaced families by collaboratively ensuring sustainable living. We believe that every home should be blessed with love, unity and personal style. It inspires us to create a dream home that any family can hope for. It is our mission to give families a head start on their journey to a new and fulfilled life by providing home accents and soft furnishings that will help develop the confidence and motivation needed to sustain a quality living for themselves and their dependents.

We want to build stronger families by encouraging ownership of decisions, evoking accountability in actions and maintaining productivity in caring for their family.

WH&H also provides complimentary mentorship sessions to teach home management practices and family planning, as well as aiding families to accomplish personal goals.

Our principles are simple: Educate. Demonstrate. Elevate.


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Demonstrates proper housekeeping practices and coordinate household responsibilities to ensure a collective effort in sustaining a clean and safe environment.

bg-sampleStrategic Family Planning

Educate families on managing resources and teach practical ways to efficiently save, budget, and allocate household income.

bg-sampleFamily Management

Create schedules to help families dedicate personal time to fulfill goals for themselves and allocate time to spend with family members.

bg-samplePersonal Development

Encourage families to explore professional
opportunities to elevate their lives and
confidence and to help them accomplish
personal goals.


The top causes of homelessness in Philadelphia are: unemployment, substance abuse, and mental disease
Philadelphia has a 27% poverty rate, one of the highest in the nation.
Two out of five homeless families in Philadelphia live in a shelter
In 2014, nearly 16,000 people in families were chronically homeless
About 25% of the homeless experienced spells of homelessness lasting over four years or had numerous homeless episodes
Permanent supportive housing increases housing stability and decreases use of costly institutional services
Housing retention appears to be greatest when housing is combined with supportive services that are individualized and delivered to people in their homes
The likelihood of moving out—often into unstable living arrangements—seems to be greatest during the first few months after tenants move into supportive housing
About 75% of those who enter supportive housing stay for at least two years, and about half are still living there after three to five years