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Five ways to find resolve in 2015

Now that a new year is here, it’s time to get to business.

You’ve told yourself over and over again that things will be different and this year you will be sure to keep to your resolution. For some that may be true, for others it may we wishful thinking. The bottom line is not to focus so much on settings goals, but knowing what you want to change about yourself. Resolutions are often hard to keep because the wrong understanding is associated with the term. Over the years, people have begun to lose hope in creating resolutions because their superficial goals are broken before the year is out. Hopelessness has taken over will power has been depleted, until resolutions become mere words rather than actions.

Resolutions are not designed to set goals but to identify things that you want to resolve in your life and work towards being fulfilled. Don’t focus on resolving the action in itself, but reformat your thinking to seek the reasons why you want to change. For example, it is much easier to say a new-year resolution would be to stop smoking. Nine times out of ten, you wouldn’t make it past the fourth week. A more successful approach would be to understand that smoking may be causing your high blood pressure, constant migraines and chest pains. Think to yourself; is it more important to stop smoking or to improve your health by eliminating smoking? The latter provides reason why you should stop smoking rather than the first, which set goals with no purpose.

Below are five principles I live by that I hope will to help you find resolve in 2015.

Stop making excuses!

Excuses are monuments of nothing; therefore, create opportunities where there may be barriers. To be excused means to be pardon from participating or acting on something. It is simply saying, “I prefer not to do this right now.” It, in no way, suggest that it is impossible to do. If something is impossible, by theory, it means that your first option may not be obtainable; always have a plan B.

Stay Motivated!

Now that we’ve established that excuses are intolerable, as long as you have breath you have purpose. Every new day is a reminder of life and why you want to make it the best. Notice, I said, “make.” Life is not tailored to your purpose; you must personalize it by adding slates of failures, accomplishments and expectations.

Keep Trying Again!

There is a happy median between winning and losing; it’s called “failure.” Failure is inevitable; if it wasn’t, everyone would know the rules to success. Just because you didn’t get the results you expected doesn’t mean you’ve lost, it means you get another opportunity to try to again. Failure is what fuels your ambition and appetite to win. When you let failures stop you from trying again, it is then that you have lost.

Create your story!

Every test has a testimony and there is always someone waiting to hear your story. It is human nature that we seek counsel and inspiration from various people who are winning in life. Just as you find your motivating source, there are people who find a unique source of motivation from you. Be diligent, humble, and unrelenting, and know that you are not the only one taking the challenge.

Love your life, love yourself!

Life is not about diets, finances, luxuries, or pedigree; it’s about finding purpose and happiness in all of those things. The moment when factors in your life begin to impact you adversely is when you should work toward resolve for your own serenity. Resolutions are not just something you acknowledge at the top of every year, but should be a constant process of exploring yourself and surveying your progress. The ultimate goal is not to , but to be happy and fulfilled in this life you are living.

Hope these principles help you resolve any unhealthy or undesirable imprints in your life. Please share with us some of your new year resolve or the some things that have helped you in your journey.