Home is the place where life begins, issues are resolved and the future is cultivated.

wishlistStudies have shown that children raised in stable families have an increased chance of academic and professional success. With poverty and homelessness on the rise, and violent crimes afflicting the urban community, we want to help homeless families rebuild strong households.

We need your help to provide furnishings and home essentials for homeless families receiving permanent housing. Your donation will help us to get furniture, home essentials such as dishes & cookware, and décor to style the home. We will also host a housewarming celebration to gift each family with household items to start a new beginning.

We want our families to focus on the priorities of managing their household and being fiscally responsible. By donating, we are giving homeless families a head start to living a stable and successful life.

We’ve created a wish list of the most needed items. You can donate the items directly or send a donation for a specific item.

To donate housewarming items, email us at  donations@warmheartsandhomes.org.